Teacher Lesson Plans

The lesson plans linked below were developed by AFDCS member Kris McIntosh.  Kris is a retired high school social studies teacher with nearly 40 years of experience in the education field.  She not only successfully used these teaching aids herself in the classroom, but has also introduced them to others at various conventions and conferences.  The following lesson plans are free to download.

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US History:
Colonization to Revolutionary War
(E-Book #1)

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US History:
New Government to New Nation
(E-Book #2)

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US History:
Pre Civil War
(E-Book #3)

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US History:
Civil War to Reconstruction
(E-Book #4)

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US History:
Gilded Age to Teddy Roosevelt 1870-1912
(E-Book #5)

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US History:
Wilson to Hoover 1912-1933
(E-Book #6)

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US History:
Great Depression to World War II 1933-1945
(E-Book #7)

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US History:
Cold War, Civil Rights, Truman to Obama
(E-Book #8)

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