AFDCS Fundraising Auction

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Bidding in Auction 98 closes 11:59 PM EDT, Sunday, June 23, 2024

Auction Terms of Sale

Online bids are preferred. Bids may also be submitted by email to or mailed to:

John White
PO Box 800
Pinebluff, NC 28373
The minimum bid is $2 or 25 percent of the suggested bid value, whichever is higher.
All lots will be sold to the highest bidder. Bid the price you want to pay. All proceeds of this sale will go to the AFDCS General Fund, and help support many AFDCS functions. The AFDCS reserves the right to withdraw any lot at any time.
Successful bidders will be notified of lots purchased and MUST REMIT payment before lot(s) can be mailed. Successful bidders must pay actual postage costs (minimum $1.50) and the proper amount of insurance on any sale over $25. Successful bidders of bulk lots will pay actual shipping costs. PayPal and Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards accepted.
Each lot is sold as genuine. If, in the opinion of any competent authority acceptable to the AFDCS, a lot is declared otherwise, the purchase price will be refunded in full provided that such claim is received within 21 days from the date the covers are mailed to the bidder.
Any lot, the description of which is incorrect, is returnable within 21 days from the date the covers are mailed to the bidder.
Some toning of envelopes can be expected on covers before 1940. Where heavy toning or defects exist, they are mentioned in the lot descriptions.
All covers are franked with a single stamp unless otherwise described.
Unsold lots may be reoffered in future auctions or used for other AFDCS activities.
Lot descriptions are designed to help the prospective bidder, yet remain within a reasonable length to save space. FDCs are listed by issue date or Scott Catalogue number. Predates are clearly listed as such. (If you see a date that is not the correct FD date, it is probably not a predate. It is probably a typographical error.)
Full color prints of lots may be requested at the rate of 20¢ per cover (minimum of 2) payable in face value USPS unused postage along with a #10 SASE. Submit your request to the auction manager at the above address.
Placing a bid shall constitute acceptance of these Auction Terms of Sale.

Abbreviations Used

Cachetmakers:  ARC-Artcraft, ARM-Artmaster, FLT-Fleetwood, HF-House of Farnam. Other initials are as signed on the cachet.

State names are referenced using the USPS two-letter identifier.

addr address
AUTO autographed cover
bklt booklet pane of stamps
B&W black and white
B4 block of 4 stamps
cach cachet
cnx cancel
comm commemorative
cv(s) cover(s)
DC Washington, D.C.
dcp digital color postmark
diff different
env envelope
FDOI/FDOS first day of issue/first day of sale
hc, mc
hand cancel, machine cancel
H/C, H/D, H/P
handcolored, handdrawn, handpainted
Not in Planty/Not in Mellone
ofcl official
ovpt overprint
PA/TA/IA/LA pencil/typed/ink/label address
PAE pencil address erased
Pict pictorial postmark
PB4 plate block of 4
reductive block printing
rev reverse
RSA rubber stamped address
RSC rubber stamped cachet
set/2 cvs
set of 2 covers
sgl(s) single stamp(s)
SS souvenir sheet
strip of three
UA unaddressed
unk unknown
UO unofficial
var variety
w/ or w/o with or without
water activated gum

Donate to the AFDCS Auction!

Our fundraising auctions are held twice a year. All items offered for sale have been donated to the Society by our generous members.

All proceeds go to the AFDCS General Fund and will be used to support First Days and other Society activities. Because the AFDCS has been recognized as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U. S. Internal Revenue Code, all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. Your donation will be acknowledged with a letter that you may keep with your tax records.

Auction donations can be sent to:

John White
AFDCS Auctions
125 N Walnut St, #800
Pinebluff, NC 28373

If you would like to learn more about donating to the AFDCS, you can contact the Auction Chairman for more information. If you wish to contribute a large quantity of material, please be sure to contact our Auction Chairman before shipping.

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