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AFDCS Directory of Current Cachetmakers
Compiled by Ron Allen

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On-demand printed version of the directory, which lists cachet makers both by their trade names and their real names (with a cross-reference), their regular mail addresses, websites, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. The listings also indicate how often a cachet line is produced, what its first FDC was, and for what countries and what topics cacheted FDCs are made.


The Handbook for First Day Cover Collectors
by Monte Eiserman

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Now available in a fully revised fourth edition, this book offers information invaluable to FDC collectors new to the hobby. This handbook has more than 40 chapters.

Handcrafted Cachets: The Make-Your-Own Cachet and Envelope Handbook
by Gene H. Russell

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Now in a revised 50th anniversary edition, this popular FDC handbook has more than 100 pages packed with specific techniques for cachetmaking, complete with a list of needed supplies and step-by-step instructions. This is the handbook that has launched hundreds of collectors into the exciting hobby of FDC cachetmaking.

Handbook of 1909 Commemoratives on FDC
by Robert P. Colby with contributions by Robert F. Drummond and First Days authors

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REDUCED PRICE! Contains a census of more than 700 FDCs of the three commemorative issues of 1909, with 30 years of research articles from First Days. 140 pages with more than 75 illustrations of these early FDCs. Originally $14.95.


Walter G. Crosby - Philatelic Cachet Specialist
by William H. Stroebel

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Crosby was perhaps the most prolific cachet maker, his work spans from 1930 to 1946. The usual new stamps and historic events, much relates to the Navy; Old Ironsides, Tonga Tin Can Mail, Atomic Bomb Tests in the Marshall Islands, etc. A fun book! 1995, 150 pages, card covers.


Cachet Catalog of Staehle & Knapp
by M. Douglas Parks

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250 pages, softbound, with supplement. Well illustrated work of classic cachets designed by Ludwig Staehle and Dorothy Knapp, with pricing guide.


Checklist of US FDC Predates and Unofficials - 1922 to mid-1936
by Robert P. Colby

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REDUCED PRICE! An illustrated checklist of all recorded predates and unofficial FD cities for the commemoratives, regular issues and air mail issues of this period. Originally $13.


International Bibliography of FDC Literature
by David Zubatsky

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REDUCED PRICE! This reference work offers the first and only guide to literature about worldwide FDCs. With update. Originally $6.


Philatelic Announcement Cards of the USPOD
by Dr. Cary Finder

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REDUCED PRICE! A study of USPOD Philatelic Announcement cards of the 1930s and 1940s. 74 pages with over 100 illustrations. Originally $15.


United States Meter Stamps First Days and Earliest-Known Uses
by Douglas A. Kelsey

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REDUCED PRICE! 32 pages, profusely illustrated. The first FDC compilation of USPS authorized meter stamps. Originally $6.


First Day Covers of the Regular Issues of 1922-35 (second edition)
by Jack V. Harvey

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This handbook gives an in-depth discussion of the complex subject of the FDCs of the 1922-35 regular issue set. This book is a classic and belongs in every FDC library.


Scott Number and Cachetmaker Index for First Days Volumes 1-41
by Wayne P. Gasper and Pat Price

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REDUCED PRICE! This fully updated second edition has more than 5,000 entries by Scott Number and Cachetmaker, and covers 1955-1996. With updates. Originally $8.95.


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