The American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS) is a volunteer non-profit and non-commerical organization serving the needs of First Day Cover collectors, cachetmakers, and dealers. Founded in 1955, the society has a membership of approximately 1,500 active first day cover collectors, including hundreds of collectors who design and manufacture their own cacheted FDCs.

The AFDCS holds a national annual convention, Americover, maintains a historical archive, and publishes a journal, First Days, full of news and education every two months (six issues a year). There are many benefits to membership, including our Member Mentor Program, Tax Deductions, Fund Raising Auction and discounts on our many informative Handbooks. This is all available to you for the very modest membership dues of $35 per year ($100 per year for non-US residents; $24 per year for anyone worldwide for an online only membership), $20 for age 17 and under (U.S. addresses). Come join us.

Contact information:

AFDCS Central Office
Membership Services
Executive Secretary
Douglas A. Kelsey
PO Box 16277
Tucson, AZ 85732
(520) 321-0880
Editor, First Days
Albert W. Starkweather
5668 Tranquility Oaks Dr., Unit 208
Tampa, FL 33624-5849

Todd Ronnei

AFDCS Executive Committee

Lloyd de Vries
Michael L. Litvak
Executive Vice President
James Hogg
First Vice President
Ralph Nafziger
Recording Secretary
Mark Thompson
Chris L. Lazaroff
Past President
Tris Fall
General Counsel
Gary Denis
Education Department
Foster E. Miller, III
Membership Department
Albert Starkweather
Editor, First Days
Douglas Kelsey
Executive Secretary

AFDCS Board of Directors (term ends)

Mark Goodson, Chairman (2019) Robert Lewin (2019)
Lorraine Bailey (2021) Tom Peluso (2019)
Gary Denis (2020) Foster Miller (2020)
Lloyd de Vries (2019) Ralph Nafziger (2021)
Tris Fall (General Counsel) Cynthia Scott (2021)
Douglas Kelsey (2021) Albert Starkweather (Editor)
Ron Klimley (2020) Mark Thompson (2020)

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