2022 AFDCS Anniversary Drive

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October 15, 2022 marks the 67th anniversary of the founding of the American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS). Once again, we are having our annual pop-up fundraiser. For 67 hours we will be accepting donations to support the future of our society.
Some anniversaries lend themselves to clever slogans such as “When I’m 64” or “Take a Ride with the AFDCS on Route 66.” We couldn’t come up with a slogan for a 67th anniversary, so let’s just get to the point. A robust endowment fund is essential to any organization. The AFDCS Endowment Fund has been established to provide startup funds for new products or services outside of the annual operating budget; no funds are used for day-to-day operations. All contributions to this year’s fundraiser will go to the AFDCS Endowment Fund.
The good news is that AFDCS is in excellent shape financially. We no longer need to use the annual pop-up fundraiser to be able to pay the bills. Rather, we are able to invest in our future. Two years ago, the AFDCS Endowment Fund had a balance of less than $600. Now the balance is about $16,000. Sounds good? Yes, it is. But other philatelic organizations, with fewer members than the AFDCS, have six-digit endowment funds. So, we still have some catching up to.

Please help ensure the future of the AFDCS with your donation of $19.55 (for the year of our founding), $67.00 (for our 67th anniversary) or an amount of your choosing. You can donate online via the buttons below or by mailing a check, payable to AFDCS, to the AFDCS Central Office, PO Box 246, Colonial Beach, VA 22443-0246.
We’re told that fundraisers should always have a goal. Last year, we had 87 donors to the anniversary fundraiser. This year’s goal is to increase the number of donors to 125. Please be one of the donors.
All donations will be acknowledged, and donors will receive a souvenir anniversary cover.

THANK YOU for your support!

Donate $67, in recognition of our 67th anniversary

Donate $19.55, in recognition of our 1955 founding year

Donate other amount of your choosing

Amount: $

Our thanks to these 2022 donors!

Salvatore Abatiello
Michael Almond
Alan Backelman
Brad Balch
Dave Bennett
Rollin Berger
Stanley Brown
Gregory Ciesielski
Douglas Cobb
Kevin Colton
Basil Copeland
Anthony Curiale
Kevin Davis
Lloyd de Vries
Alan Diamant
David Dresdner
David DuBois
Timothy Dudek
Scott English
Lisa Foster
Howard Frisch
Cheryl Ganz
Dennis Gelvin
Walter George
Mark Gereb
Mark Goodson
Jeffrey Hand
Harold Hand
John Hayner
Jeffrey Hayward
Rick Jablonski
Lorrie Jagiello
William Keleher
Daniel Kerlee
Jerrold Krasny
Raymond Lattof
Kurt Laubinger
Michael Litvak
DA Lux
William Marx
Bruce Mattheiss
Peter McClure
John Medley
Foster Miller
Ralph Nafziger
Judith Newblom
Catherine O'Connor
Neal Parr
Jackson Place
Thomas Pollard
Kevin Proulx
Stephen Puldy
Albert Raddi
Helena Ribeiro
Phil Sager
Gregory Schreiber
David Smith
Henry Squillante
Kenneth Stern
Carl Swain
Mark Thompson
Simon Vozick-Levinson
Stephen Walsh
Wendell Weston
John Withers Jr.
Saul Zelesch

Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17
Fred C. Sawyer North Texas Chapter 56

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