2021 AFDCS Anniversary Drive

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Take a ride with the AFDCS on Route 66

Sixty-six years ago, on October 15, 1955, the American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS) was founded. In honor of this event, we are having our annual pop-up fundraiser. For 66 hours, we ask that you make a financial donation to support the future of the AFDCS. All donations will go to the AFDCS Endowment Fund, to provide startup money for new services or products outside of the annual operating budget. The AFDCS Endowment Fund has grown from about $500 to over $8,000 in the past year.

2021 has been an excellent year for the AFDCS. We are in better shape financially than we've been in decades. Membership retention is up and we continue to recruit new members. With the APS and ATA, we co-hosted the highly successful Great American Stamp Show, which included Americover 2021.
First Days has been produced on schedule and new Editor Martin Kent Miller has significantly improved its design.

Please help ensure the future of the AFDCS with your donation of $19.55 (for the year of our founding), $66.00 (for our 66th anniversary) or an amount of your choosing. You can donate online via the buttons below (PayPal now accepted) or by mailing a check, payable to AFDCS, to the AFDCS Central Office, Box 246, Colonial Beach, VA 22443-0246.

All donations will be acknowledged and donors will receive a souvenir anniversary cover.

THANK YOU for your support!

Donate $66, in recognition of our 66th anniversary

Donate $19.55, in recognition of our 1955 founding year

Donate other amount of your choosing

Amount: $

Our thanks to these 2021 donors!

Michael Almond
Steven Altman
Dave Bennett
Robert Berthet
Cal Breaux
Stanley Brown
Keith Bystrom
Kevin Colton
Charlie Delgado
Lloyd de Vries
William DeWitt
Alan Diamant
Michael Dodd
David Dresdner
Lefty Dundee
Nicholas Edwards
James Elam
Scott English
Allison Gallaway
Cheryl Ganz
Mark Gareb
Dennis Gelvin
Walter George
Philip Gilly
Charles Goodman
Mark Goodson
Lawrence Haber
Jeffrey Hand
Steven Herndon
William Hong
Rick Jablonski
William Keleher
Jerrold Krasny
Michael Lake
Thomas W. Lane
Raymond Lattof
D.A. Lux
William Marx
Bruce Mattheiss
Peter R. McClure
Ron McCracken
Robert McDermott
Kris McIntosh
Ron Melzer
Anthony Mercadante
Donald Miller
Foster Miller
Mark J. Miranda
Ralph Nafziger
Randy Neil
Marilyn Nowak
Catherine O’Connor
Jack Place
Stephen Puldy
Al Raddi
Richard Range
Phillip Roth
Powell Saks
Ray Samuelson
Cathy Shenkle
Russell Silverstein
David Smith
Will Solis
Henry Squillante
Thomas Stopka
David Strauss
Carl Swain
James Tatum, Jr.
Ralph Tewksbury
Otto Thamasett
Mark Thompson
Shirley Ulling
Bruce Valente
David Wallman
Stephen Walsh
Alan Warren
Wesley Westmeyer
John Withers, in Memory of Mike Frechette
John Withers, in Memory of Clif Gilmond
James Woodfill
Allen Wyse
David Zubatsky
Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17
Claude C. Ries Chapter 48
Fred C. Sawyer North Texas Chapter 56
Art Cover Exchange Chapter 79
Connecticut Cover Club Chapter 85

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