Dragon Challenge Update II

Since the first 18 donations were received in the first week of the 100x100 Dragon Challenge, we have received donations from 23 more contributors, each of whom were rewarded with one of the fabulous Dragon "Thank You" FDCs. These contributors are:

Robert Shelton, Doug Weisz, Larry Gassen, John Ringle, Otto Thamasett, Gary Denis, Eric Wile, Dave Curtis, Christine Sanders, Michelle Bakay, Tricia Richmond, Trevor Bills, Tom Garrett, Peter McClure, Ed Lyons, Karl Jacob, Greg Ciesielski, John Riley, Helen Fowler, Steve Wilson, Frank Kohut, Richard Novo-Mesky, David Heckman, and David Peterman.

So, we're almost halfway to our goal of 100 donations, and it's been less than three weeks since we started this campaign. Send your donation now, so that you can be included in the 100.


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