Request Better Show Cancels

The AFDCS is aware that some mail-in requests for the Americover 2018 show postmarks were returned uncanceled by the Norcross post office and that other collectors received poor quality postmarks on their requests.

The Stamp Fulfillment Services Cancellation Services in Kansas City is obtaining the postmark devices (they expect to have them by Friday, October 5). Items can be sent to Celia Rodriguez for cancelling. Celia will also replace items that received poor quality cancels (please include replacement cachets, if applicable). Send your covers to:

Celia Rodriguez
Stamp Fulfillment Services - Cancellation Services
8300 NE Underground Drive - Pillar 210
Kansas City, MO 64144-9998

The available cancels will be the three daily show cancels and the Frozen Treats dedication ceremony cancel.

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