Get Ready for the Silent Auction

Silent Auction Teaser

The loss of this year’s Americover gathering and its attendant festivities is going to leave a big hole in the summer calendar for many AFDCSers.

But we think we have a way to plug part of that hole! Planning is already underway to hold a virtual edition of the ever-popular Hospitality Room SILENT AUCTION. This one will be REALLY silent!

The online stamp marketplace HipStamp has agreed to let us stage our auction on their website in late August! Instead of crowding around four closely-spaced frames in a tiny room, this year you can bid from the comfort of your home! You can bring your own snacks!

Donations are arriving daily to make this one of the best Silent Auctions ever. Details will be forthcoming as to where to find the auction online, but if you are not already a member of HipStamp, you should really check out their millions of stamp and cover offerings at

The auction is tentatively scheduled to begin on August 16 and close on the evening of Sunday, August 23. Stay tuned for all the ins and outs of how bidding will be handled. This will be a bountiful, terrific and fun auction — and no face masks required!

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