Board Candidates Sought


Nominations are now being accepted for candidates in the next election for the AFDCS Board of Directors. Each year, four candidates are elected to three-year terms.

Michael Litvak has been appointed to chair the 2021 Nominating Committee. Mark Goodson and Bob Lewin are the other members of the committee.

Interested candidates may nominate themselves, or be nominated, by contacting Litvak: or at 1866 Loma Vista Street, Pasadena, CA 91104-4005. Candidates must be members in good standing, and, if nominated by someone else, must indicate that they are interested and willing to serve on the board.

There are no term limits. The incumbents whose terms expire at the end of 2021 are Cynthia Scott, Lorraine Bailey, Michael Lake, and Ralph Nafziger. Those elected in the next election will begin serving January 1, 2022, although they will be asked to vote before then for officers and a chairman of the board, all of whom serve one-year terms.

Members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend the board’s annual meeting, usually held the evening before the convention, and participate in between-meeting discussions and votes, often conducted online. Candidates are expected to submit a short election statement or biography and a good quality “headshot” photograph to Litvak by August 1.

The Board of Directors consists of the 12 elected directors, and, ex officio, the president, editor and general counsel. Directors do not receive any compensation for serving on the board.

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