Bylaws Updated

The American First Day Cover Society has made minor revisions to its bylaws to bring them up to date and in line with current practices.

The AFDCS may now send a separate mailing to its members for its annual board election. Previously, the ballot and other materials had to be included in an issue of the official journal, First Days.

The changes, approved by the Board of Directors, change the name of the rules of order which guide the society's meetings from "the Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure" to "the American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure," the current name of the book. "Slide programs" was changed to "audio-visual presentations."

The revisions also assign the AFDCS auctions to the Sales Department, and consolidated responsibility for the Archives to the Recording Secretary. In addition, the reference to the "Journal Department," which has not existed for many years, was removed.

The proposed changes were first reviewed by the AFDCS Bylaws Committee, chaired by Matthew Liebson and including AFDCS General Counsel Tris Fall and Todd Ronnei.

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