Churchill FDC Exhibit Seminar April 3

Dyer FDC

Todd Ronnei, whose exhibit on the 1965 Churchill stamp has won top honors on many occasions, will guide a tour of his exhibit live on Zoom on Sunday, April 3, at 8:00 pm EDT. It will be offered afterward on the American First Day Cover Society's YouTube Channel. During the seminar, he will explain what is included and why and provide tips about exhibiting in general.

"The U.S. Winston Churchill Memorial Stamp and Its First Day Covers" has won 13 Gold and Large Gold awards, three of them Reserve Grands. The most recent of those was at the Americover 2021 exhibition at Great American Stamp Show.

Ronnei's exhibit began in 2007 with five frames, and has since grown to ten. It is a traditional FDC exhibit. Reflecting Churchill’s stature on the world stage, Scott 1264 was a five-cent stamp issued less than four months after the British statesman died. A memorial issue for a non-American issued so quickly after death was, and remains today, nearly unprecedented.

Ronnei is a paralegal in Minneapolis. He is also Exhibits Chair of Minnesota Stamp Expo and Exhibiting Chair and webmaster of the AFDCS. Other recent exhibits include first day covers for 1967's Urban Planning (Sc. 1333) and the Fort Snelling stamp of 1970 (Sc. 1409), and stamps and FDCs for Churchill's centenary in 1974. He has also written articles for First Days, Scott Stamp Monthly and others.

The Zoom seminar for the tour of "The U.S. Winston Churchill Memorial Stamp and Its First Day Covers" can be reached VIA THIS LINK or the meeting ID 879 5273 7174 with a passcode of 974882.

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