Lazaroff Cited for Service to AFDCS

Chris Lazaroff (left) accepts the Distinguished Service Award from Alan Warren

The American First Day Cover Society has named Chris Lazaroff as the 2016 recipient of its Distinguished Service Award.

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is presented in recognition of outstanding service to the AFDCS. The award is presented from time to time and is not given each year. The award recognizes those individuals who have truly contributed an outstanding effort on behalf of the society. Only living AFDCS members in good standing and who have not previously received the DSA are eligible to receive the award.

The following, composed by Alan Warren, was read at the presentation of the award at the AFDCS membership meeting on Sunday, August 21, at Americover:

Our honoree collects cachets of Scott Numbers 957, 1018, 1134, 1135, C56, and UXC145. I am sure all of you can picture these numbers in your mind so you know what stamps we are talking about! He is also a cachetmaker and has won Earl Planty awards in several categories and also been runner-up.

Several years ago he chaired a committee that worked with the United States Postal Service in the murky waters of licensing and developed a pamphlet for copyright holders when they are in discussion for stamp selection.

He has worked closely with USPS personnel to the point that he has organized first day of issue and first day of sale ceremonies. He should know about such matters—he has attended over 200 first day ceremonies! In fact with all this first day activity it is amazing that he also has a full-time job. For those of you interested in carboxymethyl cellulose, hydrocolloids, or the use of titanium dioxide in coatings for linerboard, he is your Go-To guy.

He has served AFDCS as president, a member of the executive committee, a member of the board of directors, and as Americover Chairman. He recently achieved a goal that he set for himself 34 years ago—that of attending a first day ceremony in every one of the 50 states. The AFDCS is pleased to bestow its Distinguished Service Award on Chris Lazaroff.

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