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91st Fund Raising Auction

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Group lots and collections
918Group Lot Doris Gold Space. This lot consists of Doris' own collection of her personally designed Space covers, original artwork, color reproductions of original artwork, as well as correspondence, newspaper articles, and brochures used for her research. In one of her folders, she writes, "In my early days as a cachet designer, I found myself rapt in research to accurately portray specific space missions . . . The following space items consist of 2 categories: 1. Hand Painted renditions of actual events as they occurred (only 1 or 2 made). 2. Limited color reproductions of original artwork . . . All [of these] items have pertinent space cancellations---some were received at the actual managing and/or testing facility on the date the specific event occurred. Since strict security measures [were] in effect, obtaining the cancels was difficult. Some are very rare." There are 32 hand painted covers, 17 printed or other cacheted covers by Doris and other cachetmakers, 9 pieces of original artwork suitable for framing, and ancillary materials. Almost all of these items are serviced with stamps and cancels, primarily covering five Space projects (Apollo-Soyuz, Viking I to Mars, Pioneer 10 and 11, and the Space Shuttle). Because of the unusual nature of this collection, and the fact that Doris' work covers various stages of the Space projects, the collection is being offered intact. A unique opportunity for any Space specialist or Doris Gold collector. Stunning material for an exhibitor.$10,000.00
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