2018 AFDCS Anniversary Drive

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Sixty-three years ago, on October 15, 1955, the American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS) was founded in New York City. In honor of this event, the AFDCS is conducting a 63 hour pop-up fund raising campaign.

During this event, we ask individuals make donations of $19.55 (the year we were founded) or $63.00 (in honor of our 63rd anniversary). Of course, donations of other amounts will be accepted. Please show your support for the AFDCS and help ensure its future by making a donation between 9AM EDT Monday October 15 and 1159PM EDT Wednesday October 17. All donors will receive a cover honoring the AFDCS's 63rd anniversary.

This year we are especially in need of financial support. While Americover 2018 was a success as an event, it did not do well financially. If you attended and enjoyed Americover 2018, please consider adding to your donation to cover the expenses of the show.

You can contribute to this special fund raiser below. All contributions will be acknowledged in a future issue of First Days and are tax-deductible to the extent the law provides.

THANK YOU in advance for your support!

Donate $63, in recognition of our 63rd anniversary

Donate $19.55, in recognition of our 1955 founding year

Donate other amount of your choosing

Amount: $


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