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Exhibit Name


First Days of the George Rogers Clark Commemorative
A study of one of America's most popular commemoratives through First Day uses.

Auxiliary Markings on U.S. First Day Covers
This exhibit shows the flow of FDCs through the mails, as evidenced by a wide variety of auxiliary markings.

Minnesota Territorial Centennial Stamp-1949
The title does not say it all. There is much to please in this illustrated mail exhibit.

AFDCS Court of Honor First Day Covers
A complete set of the American First Day Cover Society's Court of Honor FDCs issued for the annual holiday stamps.

Hand Drawn and Hand Painted by Watercolor Artist Vaughn Hord 1980-1993
An exhibit showing mostly First Day Covers of commemoratives, definitives, expedited mail and migratory bird stamps. Some other misc. covers are shown.

The 1947 Postage Stamp Centenary Commemorative
A traditional study of the First Day Covers of a 1940s classic.

New York World's Fair 1939
This First Day Cover exhibit studies the stamp, its design and proofs, a first day cancel study, cachets & varieties and postal uses.

Czechoslovakia Overrun Nations Issue
A comprehensive study of the Czechoslovakia Overrun Nations Issue with emphasis on first day covers.

The Harding Memorial Issue First Day Covers and the First Cachet
The design, printing and perforations, cachets and commercial usage of the two-cent Harding are demonstrated with First Day Covers.

Philippine Philately under Japanese Occupation
As Illustrated in First Day Covers for the occupational issues.

A Tribute to Dogs, Especially the Beagle!
Exhibit explores the 1984 U.S se-tenant Dog stamps focusing on the Beagle stamp, First Day cancelled items and other uses of the stamp.

Stairway To The Sea
Building The St. Lawrence Seaway 1954-1959 & 25th Anniversary.

The Walt Disney Postal Commemoration of 1968 and Related Material
The stamp, cachets on First Day Covers, commercial usages and related philatelic and paraphilatelic material.

LUCK-OF-THE-DRAW Legends of the West, the Errors, Revisions and Lottery
Elements of a traditional study with comprehensive first day material tell the story of the Legends of the West issue.

The U.S. Winston Churchill Stamp and its First Day Covers
A review of the stamp's design, publicity for its release, First Day Covers and postal uses.

The U.S. Revalued Postal Stationary of 1971
An exhibit of the envelopes [Sc # U561, U562 and UC45] and their First Day Covers.

Mr Grey and Friends
A study of navo-philately as seen through the covers of collector M.M. Grey, cover dealer Walter Crosby and Navy mail clerk Norman Peacore.

The John Ericsson Issue and its First Day Covers
A study of the 1926 U.S. Ericsson commemorative showing production and uses, with a focus on First Day Covers.

Special Handling- First Day Covers in the Roosevelt Era
A study of the Post Office's First Day Cover service 1933-1947.

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